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About Maan

Ma’an has long been the kingpin and gateway to historical Jordan. The capital city of the Ma’an governorate has been the jump off point for explorers looking to take in the ubiquitous wonders of the ancient city of Petra located just 30 kilometres northward. And it’s historical wealth doesn’t end there, because it’s been perched on the confluence of Middle Eastern trade routes since its foundation in the 4th century BC, helping it to accumulate a curious plethora of cultural influences from right across the Arabian Peninsula.
The Ma’an of today is home to the country’s prestigious King Ḥussein University, giving it a youthful and diversified vibe. Yet, the town simmers amidst a state of unrest; a challenging situation for the well-developed collection of Ma’an tour guides, each offering a variety of excursions into the deserts and historic sites of the greater Ma’an province, from exploring the ruins of Petra to cruising through the rusty red canyons around town on a camel.

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