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About Jerash

A day trip away from Amman stands the ancient, and extremely well preserved city of Jerash. Famous for it Graeco Roman monuments, the largest of their kind outside Italy, it is easy to understand why Gerasa, as it was called by the Romans, has continuously been the cradle of human civilisation for the past 6500 years. Nestled in a fertile valley and surrounded by hills, the city built its prosperity on agriculture and iron mining, getting a further boost under the patronage of Alexander the Great. Paved and colonnaded paths criss cross spacious squares and plazas interspersed with baths and fountains, while the city walls peppered with gates and high towers overlook the Roman ruins’ star attractions; Emperor Hadrian’s arch, the magnificent amphitheatre, and the Temple of Artemis. Your Jerash tour guide will recommend timing your visit with the  popular Jerash Festival of Arts and Culture , a summer performance of dance, music and theatre held in the months of July and August, of which the Roman Army and Chariot Experience (RACE), (if and when it does happen) is a magical enactment of the city’s golden age.

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