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Review for Rakan Hasan, Tour guide in Irbid, Jordan

Bonjour Jehad, un immense merci encore de t'être multiplié pour nous faire plaisir et surtout d’avoir su adapter le tour selon nos besoins, ... More more right

Review for Jehad Al-sharaia, Tour guide in Irbid, Jordan

I visited jordan for canyoning several times, but this visit was special because i did it with one of the most professional canyoning guide I've ever ... More more right

Review for Islam Maani, Tour guide in Irbid, Jordan

About Irbid

Clues keep telling us that Jordan’s northernmost city has been the site of human habitation for more than five millennia, and the veritable kaleidoscope of ancient artifacts that’s been plucked from the desert soils all around it, goes a long way to fuelling the imagination. But, despite its apparently lengthy history, Irbid is nothing if not forward looking.
Home to some of Jordan’s most prestigious universities and research institutions, the city exudes a youthful vibe that manifests in the bustling coffee shops and eateries around its central University Street. There is also a wealth of fantastic museums to explore, from the city’s Natural History Museum, to the Museum of Jordanian Heritage, hailed by many as the country’s best.
While the city is a major transportation hub to Syria and allows an easy weekend trip to Jerash, your Irbid tour guide will also recommend venturing out to the ancient site of Greek Umm Qais and the therapeutic hot springs at Byzantine al-Himma. Then there are the ruins of Pella, its excavations from varied time periods making it a veritable archaeologists delight.

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