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I was on a 10 day excursion with Mr. Haddad. From the moment I met him I was greeted with a gregarious smile and warmth that simply did not let up ... More more right

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About Dead Sea (Jordan)

The Jordan Rift Valley carves deep into the very heart of the Levant. It goes so deep, in fact, that it's hailed as the single lowest point on earth, clocking up a negative altitude of nearly 400 meters below sea level here. That makes for some seriously unique climactic conditions, such as the curiosities of the great Dead Sea, a hypersaline lake that straddles the borders between Jordan and Israel. Travelers heading for the salt-crusted banks of the sea can jump in the water at certain spots and lie on their backs to float freely thanks to the salt content. Or, they can recline on the rocks by the sea and cover themselves in mineral-rich mud for some skin rejuvenation. Dead Sea tour guides also lead tours out to Mount Nebo (expect some awesome panoramas of the Rift Valley) and the holy biblical location where Jesus himself is said to have been baptized!

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