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About Aqaba

Jordan’s only coastal town, the beautiful city of  Aqaba sits surrounded by  majestic desertmountains and the picturesque  Red Sea. Some of the world’s most spectacular coral reefs and unique sea life abound along its waters and at the Red Sea Marine Park, making it a veritable paradise for scuba divers and snorkelling enthusiasts. These underwater gems infact count as Aqaba’s major attraction, beckoning locals and international travellers alike to stay at its opulent resorts along the coastline, that pamper guests with spas,world class facilities and relaxing days along its sandy beaches. And yet, your Aqaba tour guide will tell you there is so much more to see and experience. Aqaba castle, and in its vicinity the Aqaba Archeological  Museum highlight the long history of this city that was once called Ayla in the pre biblical times. Back to its present day, travellers can enjoy a day of shopping for memoirs and handicrafts at the Queen Noor Hussein Foundation, stopping by at one of the city’s  many delightful coffee shops for a taste of its delectable desserts like Baklava, Knafeh and Mansaf. 

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