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About al Karak

Crowned by the iconic silhouette of the formidable and ancient citadel of Kerak Castle, this city is an enduring monument to the region’s long history and bountiful cultural offerings. Thought to be one of the largest crusader castles in the entire Levant, the fortifications that dominate the skyline here are an intermingling of Arabic architecture and western defensive styles that sprawl their way over the southern edge of Al Karak’s mountain plateau.
In the grounds of the castle itself the town’s archaeological museum gives visitors a unique insight into the historical happenings of central Jordan, and the medieval power struggles that came to define al Karak as a much-coveted stronghold for Christian crusaders and Muslim dynasts alike.
Outside of the obvious historical sites, your al Karak tour guide will tell you that the city is also well known for its perfection of Jordan’s national dish, the slow-cooked lamb Mansaf, and any hospitable resident will point you to one of the many traditional eateries in town for a hearty meal. 

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