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About Jordan

A safe sliver of land nestled in the heart of the Middle East, Jordan is rich in both historical landmarks and contemporary intrigue. Though many travel to Jordan for a holy pilgrimage through the nation’s biblical landmarks, a specific spiritual itinerary is not necessary to feel the history of the region. In fact, a trip through its’ desert would provide the same ancient feeling, as local shepards clad in robes guide their livestock through the land and ancient ruins are natural backdrops to bustling day-to-day life. The best days in Jordan are spent sipping cardamom coffee and watching Middle Eastern culture unfold around you.

But if you feel eager to engulf yourself further, dive into the capital of Amman. A far stray from the nation’s more rural provinces, it is as modern and culturally diverse as any metropolis but with a spirited, Jordanian flair. Regardless of whether your itinerary steers its’ way through biblical ruins, thriving city markets, or provincial desert air, the locals welcome all with a sincere hospitality. As any Jordan tour guide will tell you, it is truly a land to be discovered. 

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