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Mike  is a wonderful guide. He is  friendly and humorous. I booked him for  two days. I had only vague ideas about Nara. He is knowledgeable. I ... more right

Review for Mike Masaki, Tour guide in Hiroshima, Japan
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Mie Tokunaga

Ranked #1 out of 3 guides in Hiroshima

Hi, I am Mie. I am a national licensed tour guide with deep knowledge of Japanese history and culture.I was born, raised and finished college in Hiroshima which has two World Heritage Sites, A-Bomb Dome, and Miyajima. I love to guide you through my homeland and share ideas with you all.I love walking, ... more

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Edward Hosack

Ranked #2 out of 3 guides in Hiroshima

Hello everyone, I am Edward. I have been living in Japan for a total of 11yrs and love it here. The thing that I enjoy most about being a guide here in the Hiroshima and Yamaguchi area. I get to meet new people from all walks of life. I get great satisfaction in being able to share my experiences with ... more

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Ayaka Kawamoto

Ranked #3 out of 3 guides in Hiroshima

I live in Hiroshima, which is known to many people from other countries.Hiroshima city has a lot of beautiful places, such as Miyajima, Peace memorial park and museum, Hiroshima castle... Also, out of Hiroshima city, I can show you Onomichi, which is called small Kyoto, Okunoshima island; rabbit island, ... more

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