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About Jamaica

Rhythmic, Rastafarian, the Afro culture kingpin of the whole Caribbean, one of the most coveted tropical islands in this much-loved corner of the world, and a bastion of cultural interest that's immersive and enticing without restraint-welcome to Jamaica!
Visitors come to sip strong coffee, brewed from the freshly-picked beans of the lush Blue Mountains, and wander the hiking routes of the Island’s inland troves, where misty waterfalls and wild jungles converge on tribal town steads and mysterious shaman huts to boot.
In the cities, the French colonial facades and frontispieces, once the administrative centres of the Atlantic slave trade, and now the lively reggae bars of Kingston or Montego Bay welcome with their foot tapping beats.
But, while wholly set apart in culture and style from the Caribbean islands that so tantalizingly surround it, Jamaica still boasts an array of beaches and coastal hotspots worthy of the region’s reputation. With everything from laid-back ivory sand stretches to shady diving coves, it’s not surprising that any Jamaica tourist guide is quick to extoll the virtues of this island’s paradisiacal coast.