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Review for Demian Sem, Tour guide in Trieste, Italy

About Trieste

Italy’s easternmost city at the borderlands of Slovenia proudly rises from the edges of the Adriatic like some kind of Latin gateway to the Slavic world. Accordingly, it’s a city awash with glorious architecture boasting myriad styles that range from Austro-Hungarian opulence to rustic Italian medievalism.

For those looking for a dose of quintessential Italy, the pedestrianized Cittavecchia is a great place to begin. This tight-knit labyrinth of old cobbled lanes wends its way towards the docklands, bringing up the grand Santa Maria Maggiore and the San Giusto museum-fortress-cathedral as it goes. Nearby, the Austrian quarter centres on the sprawling Unity Square, laden with museums like the acclaimed Revoltella and the Museo Sartorio, and decked out with Art Deco and Baroque buildings alike. Then there is the palatial Miramare Castle on the edges of town; a glorious microcosm of Trieste’s bountiful architectural offerings.

Once you’re done with sightseeing, this city’s offbeat character is ready to enchant; visitors can look forward to have their Trieste tourist guides introduce them to a maze of hidden cafés, earthy trattorias serving Italian gnocchi next to Slavic soups, and a beautiful backcountry carved out by the gloomy Grotta Gigante and peppered with olive groves.

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