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About Italy

Few countries are as universally beloved as Italy. From Palermo’s dazzling coast to Tuscany’s vineyards, every corner of the land is exaltedly charming and historically intriguing. Pisa’s leaning tower, Rome’s Colosseum, and Vatican City are quintessential tourist stops, but there’s far more to Italy than these must-see staples. You could travel for weeks and still not venture past the region you started in; a short hike in Cinque Terre leads to days in this coastal village, while a day trip to Sicily could leave you beach-ridden and wandering for weeks.

Regardless of the length of your stay or city of interest, Italy’s offerings engulf all of your senses. Watch the locals do their shopping, as their romantic Latin language plays a soundtrack for the cobblestone streets. Feel the touch of their beautiful Italian leather, as the smell of a nearby pizza leaves you numb with cravings. Speaking of pizza, there is no better Italian tradition than eating and cooking. Any Italian tour guide will tell you how much of their culture is grounded in its’ food, and eating is among Italy’s greatest pastimes. So eat, to enjoy Italy in it’s best way.  

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