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About Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a far cry from the overtly historical and cultural travel destinations that otherwise dominate in this corner of the Middle East. Beset by jet set expats, high-society locals and unashamed fashionistas toting designer wear in the Mediterranean sun, TA as is it sometimes affectionately called, is a much better choice for luxury-seekers or shopping enthusiasts looking for a spot to explore in Israel.
Most incoming visitors head straight for the white-sanded beaches and beachside haunts of the trendy downtown district, where creative world-cuisine dominates the gastronomic line up and classy café joints spill onto the promenade. Nearby, the more laid-back Yemenite Quarter is home to the city’s finest array of family eateries and traditional Jewish architecture. TA also proudly bears the epithet of the ‘White City’ on account of its UNESCO-designated Bauhaus architecture, and a walking tour with your Tel Aviv guide down Rothschild Boulevard and the Shenkin area tells your why; the city even hosts a festival called the White Night Festival to celebrate this unique aspect of its city.

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