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Yariv Hen is an excellent tour guide, very knowledgeable of the history, culture, good restaurants and wineof Israel, we were a family of 4 ... More more right

Review for Yariv Hen, Tour guide in Sea of Galilee, Israel

My teenage son and I had a wonderful day with Michal in Jerusalem. She totally nailed it with insightful and humerous stories that brought the old ... More more right

Review for Michal David, Tour guide in Sea of Galilee, Israel

About Sea of Galilee

Biblical tales hold court around the banks of the Galilee Sea. It's said that five of Jesus's apostles came from the ancient towns peppering its shores, while legendary moments in the annals of Christianity took place here as well (the Sermon on the Mount, the walking on water). As Israel's largest freshwater lake and one of the lowest lakes on the planet, the place is remarkable for other reasons too. Apart from enjoying breathtaking views, visitors can partake in water based adventure sports and also seek therapeutic treatments at the Tiberias and Hamat Gader hot springs nearby. Then there is the veritable treasure trove of awesome historic sites to explore. There's the beautiful town of Korazim and its crumbling ancient synagogue, the enthralling ruins of Magdala which was the supposed home of Mary Magdalene, the mysterious monasteries of Kursi, and the holy waters of the Jordan River where great figures from the Gospels were bathed. Get your Sea of Galilee tour guide to reveal all these treasures and more…

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