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About Petah Tikva

Founded in 1878, by religious pioneers from Europe, Petah Tikva started off as an agricultural settlement with an emphasis on citrus farming. Over the decades it has metamorphosed into a sprawling city of high-rise buildings and one of the largest industrial hubs of Israel. Despite it being primarily an urban centre, a proficient Petah Tikva tour guide will have many a lovely sight to show you, from the landscaped Independence Park and Zoo to the Petah Tikva Museum of Art where a number of contemporary works by both Israeli and international artists are displayed. If travelling with children, check in with the schedules of play at the impressive football stadium, spend the day at the Cliff beach nearby, or plan a visit to the Museum of Man and Nature that houses many interactive exhibits. There is then the austere and imposing Great Synagogue that opens into a beautiful adorned interior of brilliantly lit crystal chandeliers and beautifully crafted stained glass windows, reflecting rays of multi coloured sunlight on the inner sanctum. And for the local experience, do make it a point to join the residents at the Souk, the vibrant and colourful city market to shop for fresh as well as exotic produce.   

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