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About Nazareth

Thousands of years of history converge on the winding lanes and cobbled streets of old Nazareth, where visitors can explore a palimpsest of venerated sites of pilgrimage, magnificent arabesque architecture and wave after wave of restored churches, monasteries, synagogues and exquisite mosques.
Over the centuries the city’s association with Jesus has brought in Christian settlers by the thousands, who now live side-by-side with Arabs and Jews alike in what is oft-celebrated as one of the most multicultural, harmonious and diverse cities within the borders of Israel. The various time periods this ancient city has traversed has endowed it with a wealth of ‘must sees’, including the Basilica of the Annunciation (where Mary is said to have received news of Jesus’ birth), St Joseph’s church, the ancient White Mosque, and the Nazareth Village (recreating life from the biblical times).
But as any Nazareth tour guide will tell you, this city is not all about pilgrims looking to walk the Jesus trail around Lower Galilee. There is the bustling old souq, the magnificent district of el-Sabil and more traditional Arab eateries than you can shake a Levantine baklava at.

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