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About Masada

Breath taking, dramatic, mythical and eerie are all great adjectives for describing this soaring desert bluff that rises into the sky between the Dead Sea and Judaean Desert in eastern Israel. It’s hardly surprising that the ancient fortress of Masada at the top continues to reign as one of the country’s most fascinating UNESCO sites.

The historian Josephus Flavius reported that it was here in 73 AD that nearly 1,000 Jews committed mass suicide rather than be captured by the Roman army. Poetry dedicated to the struggle for control of this ancient acropolis is said to have inspired more recent Jewish movements, as well as respresent the defiant resilience of the Jewish State in the face of foreign invaders.

Visitors are now invited to explore such archaeological treasures as Herod's palace complex and a series of other recovered buildings, which range from bathhouses to granaries. Masada tour guides also often recommended the Masada Museum, which hosts excellent and informative exhibitions. Most visitors to Masada, however, come primarily for the views and skip the cable car ride to the top in favour of the so-called Snake Path or Roman Ramp hiking routes.

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