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About Haifa

Multicultural Haifa is a veritable gem in the crown of Israel’s urban makeup. Its districts and suburbs sweep up across the vistas of Mount Carmel and down to the azure waters of the Mediterranean deep east, all the while peppered with curious heritage sites and religious points of interest that stand as a testimony to the city’s perhaps somewhat unusual intermingling of faiths and followers.
Amongst the array of beautiful things to see here, the Bahá'í Gardens are without question the best and a real favourite of any Haifa tourist guide. This sprawling collection of cultivated gardens and monumental parkland floods its way down to the city centre from the heights of Carmel to the port districts and residential centres of Haifa below, offering an array of magnificent religious terraces and various worship houses all the way.
Downtown also has a number of worthy churches and interesting café hotspots, such as the array of daytime bars in German Colony to explore. Take the time to stroll around Wadi Nisnas, Haifa’s largest Arab neighbourhood buzzing with pedestrians and lovely outdoor art. Outside of the city, visitors can explore the legendary Cave of Elijah, a number of ancient Roman city sites and ruins and even pre-historic caves.

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