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We absolutely loved having Haya as our guide in Israel. She made our trip not onlyinformative, but safe and fun! This trip was an amazing gift from my brother to my mom for her ... more right

Review for Tour Guide Israel Haya Heineberg Kraus, Tour guide in Ein Gedi, Israel

my teenage son and I had a wonderful day with Michal in Jerusalem. She totally nailed it with insightful and humerous stories that brought the old city to life shedding light on ... more right

Review for Michal David, Tour guide in Ein Gedi, Israel

Shalom Wiser is EXCELENT & KNOWLEDGABLE on all aspects of Individual & Group Tour Service for Israel. My families, Friends & myself have Traveled with him 4 times in past 10 years ... more right

Review for Shalom Wiser, Tour guide in Ein Gedi, Israel

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