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About Eilat

Eilat is the southernmost city of Israel, and a popular port and tourist location located on the northern coast of the Red Sea. Warm weather year-round, a tropical sea and a spectacular background view of bare granite mountains ensure this charming resort city is always bustling with both tourists and locals.  Most Eilat tour guides highly recommend visiting the Coral Reserve in the southern part of the city, which also houses an Underwater Observatory. Apart from being a world famous diving spot, the beautiful beaches and impressive array of water sports make it a popular beach destination.
When not at the beach, tourists can indulge in exploring the modern city and viewing astonishingly beautiful, and kitschy attractions.  The city of Eilat mixes the history of Israel, with its longstanding biblical ties, with modern amenities that visitors will enjoy. Kings City is a biblical theme park, and is one of the unique attractions of the city.  Timna Valley is a natural attraction, home to impressive rock formations and to copper ore mines.
Having been developed for tourism in the 1960s, Eilat is a vibrant city today flush with resorts, restaurants to suit varied palates , clubs, shops worth rummaging through, and a promenade that hosts vibrant bazaars in the summertime. The city also boasts ample nightlife attractions for those who want to get out after dark.

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