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About Beersheva

Be’er Sheba is the capital and gateway to the vast expanse of the Negev, a dry arid desert that portrays stillness and beauty in a tantalising mix.  Populated by man since the time of Abraham when he welcomed travellers over 3800 years ago, Be’er Sheba’s history traces back to the biblical city of Tel Be’er, just east of the present day city. Now a National park and a UNESCO World Heritage site, this once walled city is a rich treasure chest of archaeological findings from the Roman period. Relax under the shade of the Tamarisk Tree like the one that Abraham planted so many years ago as your Be’er Sheba tour guide regales you with stories to give you a feel of what life may have been like during those times. In the present Jewish city, museums, a zoo and one of Israel’s largest universities give it a young and lively flavour. Popular tourist stops are Abraham’s well and The Centre for Ethiopian Craftsmanship where Immigrant Ethiopian women weave baskets and embroider tablecloths with bright skeins of thread in amazing patterns. The cacophony of sellers and aromatic smells fill the vibrant and colourful Bedouin market held on Thursdays where one can buy handcrafted jewellery made of beads and precious stones, ornately moulded brassware and enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee at one of the many sidewalk cafes.

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