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About Isle of Man

Sprouting from the swells of the Irish Sea midway between the Lake District and the coast of County Down, the Isle of Man is a curious semi autonomous corner of the United Kingdom. It sits steeped in history (it is after all home to the world’s oldest continuous parliament at Tynwald) and legends of Norse invaders; Norwegian Vikings, Irish lords and Scots have all marked it down as their own over the centuries. Today though, the island is perhaps best known as an infamous tax haven, not to mention the host of one of the world’s most adrenaline-pumping motorcycle races, the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy that has taken place in early summer here for over 100 years! But fiscal nuances and petrol-head residents aside, there’s no denying that the land is beautiful, going from the grass-topped cliffs of the Calf of Man to the salt-sprayed hiking trail that is the Way of the Gull. Manx (the Gaelic-flavoured vernacular) is oft heard floating around the towns, while Isle of Man tour guides showcase hearty pubs and tasty local breweries, all staying strictly in line with the island’s medieval beer purity laws (not a single additive in sight!).

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