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Make Icy Tracks Driving To Russell Glacier (For Non-Cruise Travellers)

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Make Icy Tracks driving to Russell Glacier (For Non-Cruise Travellers)

Greenland's Glaciers


Behold the 60-meter-tall ice wall, rising to the sky. Feeling tiny as a human being, you will be surprised by the power and magic of nature during this excursion. There is no other place in Greenland where you can drive directly to the ice cap, so this is a unique experience for Kangerlussuaq. 

DAY 01

Russel Glacier excursion

  • Travel in a safe and stable 4WD vehicle to Russel Glacier, located only 25 km from Kangerlussuaq. 

  • Once parked, hike in the area with your Kangerlussuaq tour guide and observe Russel Glacier, a 60-metre-tall wall, from the other side of the river Watson. The silent and calm atmosphere creates a new world for you, in which you are away from your daily worries and routines. The beauty of nature will leave you with a surreal memory.

  • On your way to and from Russell Glacier, you may spot wildlife in the areas you drive through, for example; reindeer, musk oxen, and perhaps even ptarmigans and arctic hare.

  • English speaking Kangerlussuaq guide

  • Transportation

  • Warm Drinks

  • Warm coats, hat, gloves

  • Comfortable shoes with profiled soles (ideally with spikes)

  • Water and Snacks

  • Meeting Point: Hotel Kangerlussuaq

  • Please Note

    • To get the full enjoyment from this tour, we recommend your wear warm hiking boots with profiled soles.

    • Please follow the safety rules and instructions of the guide during this tour.

    • If the tour is cancelled due to weather conditions, failure to reach the minimum number of participants, and other unpredictable reasons, Arctic Adventure ApS reserves the right to cancel the tour. For tours cancelled by Arctic Adventure ApS under this situation, our customers will get 80% refund.

    • Please note the decision to cancel is made through evaluation of actual weather situation, a number of participants, and other unpredictable factors, not the customer.

    • The maximum number of participants is 16 people.

    • The Traveler must possess a valid passport that is valid for at least a further six months following the end of the tour, as well as the documents necessary for the performance of the tour, including visa and certificate of required vaccinations. It is the traveller’s own duty to investigate and seek to obtain visa and entry permit conditions. The local tour operator can’t be held liable if travellers are rejected upon entry due to lack of visa or entry permit.

    • Greenland is not a member of Schengen but is only embraced by the Schengen Information System. This means that a Schengen visa does not provide entry to Greenland. When applying for a Danish visa, persons from countries that require a visa must therefore clearly state that the visa must also be valid for Greenland.

    • EU citizens’ national ID cards cannot be used as identification on entry to Greenland. These citizens must have their passport with them. Scandinavian citizens do not need to have their passport with them. However, they must bring photo ID pursuant to flight security rules. Refer to the Danish Immigration Service’s, where you can find more detailed information concerning countries that require a visa, visa rules, etc.

    • Ways to reach Greenland-

    • You must fly from either Denmark or Iceland. There are no flights from North America or elsewhere in Europe at this stage. Air Greenland and Air Iceland Connect are the two flights that take you to Greenland.

    • Bookings will be confirmed (subject to availability).


    • Other clothing should be picked according to weather that day, you will not get much colder on the glacier as on the ground.

    • Sturdy Hiking Boots – waterproof with good ankle support.

    • Woollen/or thermal windproof hat, which covers your neck (alternatively, thermal face mask).

    • Woollen/or thermal gloves (ideal as a base layer under waterproof gloves or mittens).

    • Woollen/or thermal socks.

    • Warm, insulated winter jacket and snow trousers or salopettes.

    • Woollen long-sleeved shirts/or thermal shirts.

    • Thick sweater and woollen pullovers.

    • Heat pads for hands and feet (especially for dog sledge tours).

    • Lip balm, cream and moisturizer.

  • No refund in case of any cancellation.


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