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About Surabaya

Indonesia’s second largest metropolis, Surabaya’s central role in the country’s political development during the 20th century is eulogised by its commanding epithet: “The city of Heroes.” Today, it is one of the prime stop-off points on the overland route to Bali, and a great launch pad for travellers looking to make the hike up Mount Bromo in the Tengger Semeru to the south.

Surabaya tour guides will fill you in on it’s local legend that the city stands on the site where two of Indonesia’s mightiest animals fought it out for dominion of the region. The city’s lengthy history dates right back to the first half of the 13th century, during which it has undergone colonial rule and taken centre stage in Indonesia’s national bid for independence during the 1940s. Consequently the downtown is now peppered with architectural remnants of a bygone age, like the magnificent European-influenced Gereja Kelahiran Santa Perawan Maria Chruch, and the post-colonial complexes at Sampoerna.

The city, ever since has shouldered its way to the forefront of Indonesia’s commercial modernity, and the glistening developments of the CBD stand as a symbol of the town’s relative wealth.  Any visitor to Surabaya can hence look forward to a town at once both modern and ancient, oozing with history and ready to impress. 

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