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Thank you for organizing our perfect romantic honeymoon in Bali. Everyting was arranged the best way,we enjoyed our time a lot More more right

Review for The Seven Holiday , Tour guide in Flores Island, Indonesia

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Review for Huans Sholehan, Tour guide in Flores Island, Indonesia

We enjoy tour with him. It was agreat tour. Next we will book him here, at the past we do not know about this site. Than jhon, our guide tell us to ... More more right

Review for Jhon Tali, Tour guide in Flores Island, Indonesia

About Flores Island

With its glorious beds of blooming tropical flowers, endless wealth of hidden beaches, colossal crater lakes, soaring volcanic mountains, great swaths of misty inland jungle and untouched coastal stretches of Komodo dragon stomping ground, it’s easy to see why this elongated island at the heart of the Indonesian Nusa Tenggara archipelago remains an intrepid traveller’s dream come true.

For most visitors the first stop in this wild land will be Labuan Bajo, where the lion’s share of boats from Bali and the west dock. Here, a cascade of Flores Island tour guides can offer excursions to the various natural wonders that abound throughout the region, from the three coloured lakes at Mount Kelimutu and the mountain treks of Poco Ranaka, to the terraced rice fields of Ruteng and the legendary sands of the Komodo National Park. There’s also plenty of scope for making some explorative scuba diving excursions to the reefs of Maumere, soothing hiked-out muscles in the hot springs at Blidit, and swigging traditional ginger coffees in the regional capital at Ende.

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