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He is very friendly and nice person, will do anything to make your trip experience to the best trip experience. More more right

Review for I Wayan Seregeg,ss, Tour guide in Bali, Indonesia

AGAIN !  we  explored Jakarta and Jogyakarta as an amazing tour and great experience . As always, you know the best places only locals ... More more right

Review for Huans Sholehan, Tour guide in Bali, Indonesia

I went on a Bali’s « road trip » with my parents and my siblings 7 years ago (August 2010) and I still have a lot of memories that will never ... More more right

Review for Petrus Suwandi, Tour guide in Bali, Indonesia

About Bali

This thriving business centre and cultural cityscape is an oft-ignored feature of Indonesia’s most-visited Island, and most visitors simply gloss over Denpasar on their way to or from Bali’s airport. But, with a wealth of Hindu religious sites, immersive historical museums and classic Balinese temples, along with a great array of more locally-orientated eateries, Denpasar can also be seen as something of an undiscovered gem nestled between the island’s south-coast surfing meccas and hedonistic kingpin of Kuta to the north.  
It’s possible to plan a walking trip around the city centre that encompasses the Pura Jagatnatha temple, one of Bali’s most notable architectural statements, and the Negeri Propinsi Museum, where many of the island’s most notable ancient artifacts are still on display.
What’s more, Denpasar is famous for shopping too, and retail-hungry visitors should be sure to ask their Denpasar tour guide for information on the best time to conquer the bubbling local market place at Pasar Badung , the site from where the city gets its name.