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About Indonesia

Indonesia is an intriguing blend of realities; the world’s fourth most populated country is home to pristinely remote beaches, while islands of tropical paradise boast glistening resorts amidst indigenous villages. As a meeting place of bliss and culture, Indonesia remains as exotic a retreat as ever. Just one visit to Southeast Asia’s largest country, and it’s pretty easy to understand its’ draw. Your Indonesian tour guide will inform you that though 6,000 Indonesian islands are currently inhabited, it’s the more popular destinations of Bali and Jakarta that attract much of the country’s tourism.

Both hot spots are more dazzling than imaginable, but luxury does not inhibit the native lifestyle from flourishing. Jakarta sheds light on urban living, giving visitors a chance to indulge themselves while still garnering a reality of life in Indonesia. Meanwhile, Bali is a vacationer’s dream with heavenly beaches and picturesque safari parks that weave amidst Hindu temples and welcoming local villages. In fact, much of Indonesia’s appeal lies in its’ people. As interesting as they are hospitable, a trip to their nation can feel as comfortable as a visit home.

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