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Review for Praveen Shenoy, Tour guide in Wayanad, India

Mr. Bazil meticulously planned my trip to South Kerala and gave me a wonderful, stress free travel experience. He was very responsive in the planning ... More more right

Review for Ba Zil, Tour guide in Wayanad, India

About Wayanad

Up in the far-flung north-eastern reaches of Kerala, where the lands are misty and clouds caress the mountains of the Western Ghats, the Wayanad district is slowly rising to become one of the top ecotourist destinations around. It's certainly got the vistas; tea fields and rock-ribbed peaks with grassy plateaus levelling here and there; natural lakes, gushing waterfalls and serene reservoirs carved from reigning in mighty rivers; rustic towns of faded walls and primeval, snake-infested woods where few boots have trodden before. The area is hence rich in adventure possibilities, with trekking routes aplenty; around Neelimala and Chethalayam that cross over crashing waterfalls like the Meenmutty, into Pakshipathalam set deep in the sculpted Brahmagiri hills, over the muddy bulwarks of the Banasura Sagar Dam or up the challenging Chembra Peak. History lurks here as well, in the Edakkal Caves and the Jain temples at Sultan Bathery while those looking for relaxation can easily dwell here in the sounds of silence. It's no wonder that Wayanad tour guides are eagerly marketing this very aspect– a world of peace, natural wonders and mystical temples, drawing in visitors from India and beyond.

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