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Madhu scores 100% for this trip over 5 days in November 2017 Madhu is extremely knowledgeable and very courteous and could answer clearly ... More more right

Review for Madhu Tour Guide Hyderabad, Tour guide in Warangal, India

It was really an amazing experience with Sainath. He was totally a cool guide. He Showed me lot of places and explained each and every bit . It's ... More more right

Review for Sainath Jonnagadda, Tour guide in Warangal, India

About Warangal

Four stone gateways, a great fortress and a collection of impressive temples, this former Kakatiya capital is one of India's World Heritage sites. Whether it's to view the sunset of the two lakes on the outskirts of the town or to stroll along the stone monuments constructed centuries ago, a day in Warangal will leave you breathless at the architectural mastery on show.
The city maybe overshadowed by it's big neighbour Hyderabad but the locals will no doubt regale you with stories of their fabulous temples. Remnants of the impressive stone fortress shadow over the city along with The Thousand Pillar temple which lives by it's name with intricate pillars on a structure which is exactly 1m above the ground. Both of these are must visits in every Warangal tourist guide. A delightful way to end the day in this jewel of Andhra Pradesh would be sitting by the Bhadrakali temple and watching the sun set over it's adjoining lake. This is a spiritual relaxing destination for any travellers wanting to revel in southern India's architectural splendour.

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