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About Visakhapatnam

More commonly referred to as Vizag, this industrial city in India attracts tourists for its’ pristine coast, untouched beaches, and picturesque landscape. The shoreline’s rocky waters have made swimming unsafe and ill advised, and one usually finds locals strolling on the sand or relaxing on benches in their best clothing. Any good Visakhapatnam tour guide will remind you that the city’s beaches are not the only part of its’ natural scenery worth visiting.
The Kambalakonda nature preserve is a greenery-drenched hiking trail overlooking the ocean. Similarly, Kailasagiri’s ski lift-styled ropeway delivers visitors to the top of an overlook with restaurants and shops, where breathtaking sights serve as a reminder for Vizag’s seaside beauty.  Catch a train passing through tunnels to meet with the indigenous tribes at the pleasant hill station of Araku Valley. Stop by at the Borra Caves to marvel at the natural sculptures of million year old stalactites and stalagmites. Scenic appeal apart, no visit to Vizag is complete without visiting the beautiful Simachalam temple nestled among green hills. All this and more; clearly exceeds the tourist’s expectations from an industrial city, naval base and port!

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