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Our driver Saccarias from Pondicherry is a maestro on the crazy roadways.  He has a lovely, calm temperament.We considered ourselves ... More more right

Review for Keralatoursglobal , Tour guide in Trivandrum, India

It was very pleasure to have Manu as our Tour cordinator for our last two vacations. First time we have been to most of the South/North part of India ... More more right

Review for Manu M Murukadas, Tour guide in Trivandrum, India

I'm wordless to say about our tour escort Mr khaleel Naha.He is a kind of man with at most respect and humble in his profession .Even he was like a ... More more right

Review for Khaleel Naha, Tour guide in Trivandrum, India

About Trivandrum

The abundance of palm and coconut trees and orange hued beaches that sketch out its shoreline make Trivandrum a much sought holiday destination. Take a romantic stroll along the Veli beach at sunset to watch the fishermen returning in their boats and mending their fishing nets, whilst sea eagles dance in the air, swooping down to catch their prey. Picnic spots scattered around the wooded areas of the Ghats are a welcome relief for families to relax and enjoy the calmness of the air, only interrupted by the sound of children’s laughter. The Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple, surrounded by seven low hills, is the main icon of the city and one of the oldest temples in India around which the city was originally built. Musical pillars, intricately carved sculptures and large collections of temple mural paintings tell thousands of stories to those that visit. With various historical monuments, palaces, museums and temples to choose from, indulge in the counsel of an experienced Trivandrum tourist guide to enjoy the sights of Trivandrum.

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