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Pandiarajan is very knowledgeable about the various venues we attended and super patient with me as my eye caught different shops along our route. ... More more right

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About Trichy

Located on the banks of the Cauvery River pat in the heart of Tamil Nadu, Tiruchirappalli is a heady mix of gorgeous temples and bustling markets. Its famous landmark, the Rock Fort Temple dominates the skyline, overlooking urban districts above plumes of auto fumes and busy streets. The benefits of climbing the 300-or-so steps to the top is a clutch of enthralling Hindu temples and plenty of rock-cut cave shrines from centuries gone by, along with panoramic views of the city. Back in the fray of the town below, one can spy out the high stupas of Sri Ranganathaswamy, one of the tallest shrines in the country, along with a generous aggregation of intricately carved temples that point to the city’s significant cultural importance in the past. When you are done visiting them all, navigate the shops of Chinna Kadai Street to haggle over traditional jewellery, and have your fill of the unique South Indian cuisine in its most authentic form; sambar, dosai and coconut chutneys served on ecologically friendly open banana leaves.

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