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An amazing guy with very good knowledge about the North Eastern species and their habitats. Moreover, he is highly dedicated, and takes any amount of ... More more right

Review for Chewang Phempu Lhasung, Tour guide in Siliguri, India

About Siliguri

Firmly established as the transit gateway to the north-eastern Indian state of Sikkim, and a favourite stopover of any travellers making their way to the verdant climbs of Darjeeling or Bhutan, the urban sprawl of Siliguri may very well be the last vestige of real metropolitan life you see before the mighty rises of the Himalaya to the north. To indulge in all those worldly pursuits before shedding your materialism for the mystique of the hills, there are the crowded markets on Bidhan Road, restaurants and hotels galore on Hillcart Road, and shopping outlets in the malls around Sevoke. For those with a longer stopover, there are temples and monasteries, a science centre, and an amusement park to visit as well. Siliguri tour guides also help organise tours to the verdant edges of the town; the tea estates at Dagapur or the sprawling forest cover of Mahananda wildlife sanctuary perched at the Himalayan foothills.

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