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About Shimla

Thousands of feet above the sea, a wonderful small city on the edge of the India side of the Himalayas that sparkles in the snow, Shimla is one of northern India's must visit hill stations. Tudor style buildings, a magnificent church, and contemporary Indian structures adorn this city whose beauty in the winter night is unparalleled to anywhere in the region. A lovely market famous for wood craftsmanship in the Lakkar Bazaar and the ski resort at Kufri are just two of many attractions that makes Shimla a vibrant city.The Ridge in the heart of Shimla is the centre of summer festivals and a magnificent Gothic Church is the showpiece point of the city. Any Shimla tourist guide should also recommend a trek to the Jakhoo temple, which offers an astounding panoramic view of the surrounding mountainous landscape. Nearby is a statue of the Hindu deity, Hanuman, at 2591 metres above sea level; this statue sits at an altitude higher than any other worldwide. A visitor here will find that it really is difficult to find another place like this old British summer capital anywhere in the world.

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