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About Shillong

Splendid waterfalls in the hills, British style buildings, a mild climate with plenty of rain, Shillong is called 'Scotland of East' for all the above reasons.1500 metres above sea level, this capital city in the northeastern state of Meghalya is a comprehensive course in natural beauty.
Shillong receives rainfall aplenty and a visit in the monsoons sees the magnificent Elephant Falls, the beautiful Bishop & Beadon Falls surrounded by numerous wild animals and the steep, tall Sweet Falls in full splendour. Natural Caves around Shillong compete with forests full of exotic flora around the Shillong Peak to be explored. To add to the natural allure of this city, your Shillong Tour guide will recommend to you man made attractions such as the Umiam Lake and Wards Lake, and Lake Hydari Park with its own small zoo, which is popular amongst locals. Trek further up to Shillong Peak to pay homage to U Shulong, the deity who gave the city its name and behold panoramic views of the city.

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