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About Raipur

Welcome to Raipur, a city over a thousand years old and the capital of Chhattisgarh state in eastern India.
A statue of Swami Vivekanada sits graciously in meditation in the middle of Budha Talab a lake as old as the city in the Old Settlement area.  Beautified with fountains and lights that illuminate the night sky, walk over to the 17th century Dudhadhari monastery and Temple nearby to admire its murals. In addition to the temples, art gallery and museum that your Raipur tour guide will put on your itinerary, other delightful sights in the city would be the Nagar Ghadi Clock Tower, which plays a different folk tune every hour, Urja Park, a solar powered theme park and the latest attraction, the Raipur Municipal Corporation Building, a seven-storey structure combining ancient and modern architecture. For the natural element take time out of the city to visit the local wildlife housed at the Udanti Sanctuary along the Udanti River or better still, drive over to Rajim to watch the confluence of three rivers against a background of ancient temples.

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