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What can I say about Suraj that I have not already said in the title.Following my one day with Suraj I extended his services for the duration of my ... More more right

Review for Suraj Rout, Tour guide in Puri, India

Good Afternoon. A very big Thank you to you, your team & Mr. J. Das - the guide for such an enjoyable experience of our Sight-Seeing Local Tour ... More more right

Review for J Das, Tour guide in Puri, India

About Puri

As one of the holiest Hindu pilgrimages in India, Puri attracts as many spiritual travellers as it does foreigner tourists. This land of temples draws religious pilgrims by the droves to the grand and historically rich temple of Jagannath Mandir especially during the months of June July when the Jagannath Rath Yatra is held. The non-devout visitors marvel at the many beautiful holy places before heading to Puri’s expansive beaches, serving as a premiere Southeast Asian source of sunny relaxation.
The Golden Beach of Puri is perfect for sunbathing and surfers love the rougher waves that set in around full moon. The beach town is lined with high-end resorts and budget-friendly lodging, making this a go-to stop for regional and foreign tourists. A good Puri tour guide would also recommend a trip to Chillika Lake for a dolphin tour amidst majestic sunrise views.  Get a deeper insight into the cultural, with village and market excursions available through the town. Watch talented artisans churn out unique creations of applique work, handicrafts and handlooms and the world famous Patachitra and palm leave paintings, their loveliness inducing many an visitor to take one home. 

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