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Review for Esther Rani, Tour guide in Pondicherry, India

Our driver Saccarias from Pondicherry is a maestro on the crazy roadways.  He has a lovely, calm temperament.We considered ourselves ... More more right

Review for Keralatoursglobal , Tour guide in Pondicherry, India

Excellente journée avec Kanagalingam, très complète et intéressante. Nous avons appris énormément, et avons toujours eu des réponses a nos ... More more right

Review for Kanagalingam V, Tour guide in Pondicherry, India

About Pondicherry

Placid, sleepy, post-colonial ‘Pondy’ (or so it’s referred to affectionately by the locals) occupies a prime position on the south east coast of India, where it’s thrived under the guiding hand of French traders since its foundation sometime in the mid-17th century.
If you’ve arrived here from the distinctive South Indian cities that dot the regions nearby, it will be easy to take in this town’s unique flavour by wandering the tight-knit tree lined boulevards of the old town. Patisseries and boulangerie pepper the colonial architecture, while exuberant bougainvilleas provide bursts of colour, all to the tune of the curious French bilingualism that has lingered in this enclave of the south.
As far as must see sights go, your Pondicherry tour guide will recommend the seaside promenade, the city’s sprawling parks, monuments and museums, and it’s various religious sites, not to mention the international township of Auroville, whose Matrimandir provides a place for serious meditation thereby casting a spiritual aura on the skyline. 

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