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About Panipat

The small ancient city of Panipat has been pivotal to the control of Northern India on three occasions; three major battles have been fought here in the past and all have led to the victor taking control of the fertile Gangetic Plains beyond the city. The city’s historical significance does not stop there, having been mentioned in the ancient Indian epic, the Mahabharata.
Keeping with the historical context, your Panipat tour guide will take you on a tour of the battlefields to visit the monuments and tombs that stand as a remembrance to the victors and the vanquished. Don’t miss out on the outstanding Panipat Museum with it's many artifacts and antiquities and the tomb of the great Urdu poet and Sufi Saint Bu-Ali Shah Kalandar which draws followers from all faiths to offer prayers.  A visit to Panipat will provide a deep insight into how important this small city has been significant in shaping the history of India.

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