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Review for Incredible India Journeys , Tour guide in Noida, India

About Noida

The New Okhla Industrial Development Authority or NOIDA as it is commonly called is a fairly new urban centre just under 30 years old. It is the most popular location for businesses looking to escape the high costs and disruption that a large city like Delhi can bring. The town has been planned excellently that translates into manageable traffic, well lit and well planned roads and good quality general infrastructure. Giant malls, offices, apartments and hotels scattered across the city give it a hospitable vibe though safety can be an issue.
The Special Economic Zone status provided to the city, as any Noida city guide will tell you has contributed to the Global IT heavyweights such as Dell, IBM and Fujitsu basing their offices here as well as many other multinationals. Major TV Studios and News corporations have also set up in the city and as have heavy industry majors such as Samsung, Ericsson and Alstom. With the city also host to an F1 Grand Prix, any visitor will feel the buzz of visiting such a fast paced and vibrant metropolis.

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