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Review for Deepjyoti Biswas, Tour guide in Nagpur, India

About Nagpur

Hidden way off the beaten track, deep in the rolling flood plains and dusty Deccan lands of Maharashtra, Nagpur often chooses to define itself with the fact that it's not Mumbai. The second largest city in the state, and a long way away from the urban sprawl of erstwhile Bombay, the city is known as being the very heartland of India – the so-called Zero Mile Stone in the centre of town marks the point where the British Raj identified the geographical middle of the subcontinent. Around that, it's possible to flit between the Deeksha Bhoomi and many a busy temple with your Nagpur tour guide, wander the manicured botanical gardens around Futala Lake, and gorge on the famous Nagpur oranges in the summer months. Out of the city there are several reserves, and it is possible to spot tigers at the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve and Pench National Park.

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