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About Mysore

While the obvious jewel in the crown of Mysore city is the exquisite world heritage listed Palace, there’s plenty more pursuits awaiting travellers here between the well-planned grid of inner-city streets, leafy Brindavan Gardens, and opulent old dynastic temple constructions.

For one, this town is hailed as the epicentre of Indian yoga, and there are Mysore tour guides at hand to introduce this practice to the eager visitor. For two, no less than one millennium of history abounds throughout this city, popping up amidst the 12th century Chamundeshwari temple and its concomitant Nandi Bull, and the neo-classical colonnades of the Jayalakshmivilas house alike.

Mysore is also famed for its sweet gram flour and ghee desert dishes; and while the City zoo is hailed for its fantastic range of animals housed within green grounds, a foray into the Bandipur National Park out of the city brings you to a veritable playground for wildlife, with elephants, deer and the occasional tiger to see.

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