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About Mumbai

Perhaps the most iconic monument of Mumbai is the Gateway to India. This statuesque and majestic structure along with the historic Taj Mahal Palace hotel located right across fills the skyline welcoming all who chose to make Mumbai their tourist destination of choice. The architecture of Mumbai is spectacularly varied from the Victorian Gothic of the Victoria Bus Terminus to the beautiful Islamic Indian Haji Ali Mosque. Chowpatty beach is almost always a hive of activity from tea makers, aromatic food stalls and corncob vendors, more so when the festival of Ganapati Chaturthi is being celebrated with full aplomb. This alpha world city is home to the 350-acre Mumbai Film City where the glitz and glamour of Bollywood’s best is filmed. Your Mumbai tour guide will show you the everyday hustle bustle of Mumbai at the pavement art galleries and cultural spaces of the Kala Ghoda Art Precinct, the bustle of the biggest of its kind open-air laundry called Dhobi Ghat, and the dense population packed into the slums of Dharavi, all in the heart of Mumbai. A short boat ride away from the organised chaos of this vibrant metropolis are the ancient Buddhist Elephanta Caves carved from volcanic rock, a much appreciated sanctuary of peace and quiet.

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