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About Mathura

A divine birth over 5000 years ago accorded Mathura the status of one of the most religious cities in India. The birthplace of Lord Krishna is blessed with a multitude of temples dedicated to him. Of them all, your Mathura tour guide will recommend a visit to the Krishna Janma Bhoomi temple which houses a prison cell shrine revered as the birthplace of Krishna. Krishna is a very popular god whom Hindus identify with the most given the stories of his charming and naughty ways as a child; a testimony to that would be the crowds that throng Mathura on Krishna Janmashtami, his birthday.
Mathura is a fast developing city-situated conveniently between the Golden Triangle of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. It is a busy railway junction, and almost all major trains from Delhi can take you there. On your visit, enjoy the serenity of a boat ride down the Yamuna.
And do remember to pop a 'Peda', a sweet treat into your mouth; it can be quite addictive!

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