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About Manali

Perched more than 2,000 metres above sea level in the beautiful heights of the Kullu Valley in northern India, the charming mountain town of Manali has long been a favourite getaway for visitors looking to breathe the fresh air of the Indian Himalayas, or hike the trails that wind their way into the hills of Nepal to the north.

Enveloped on all sides by the dramatic peaks, endless fir forests and glacial massifs of Himachal Pradesh, it’s hardly surprising that Manali has risen to become one of the region’s premier outdoorsy destinations, attracting hikers, mountain bikers, paragliders and rock climbers for action and adventure right throughout the year.

There’s also a steady influx of nature-hungry visitors who flock to the lake and valleys, waterfalls and hot springs nearby, while an assortment of temples and monasteries and even an ancient palace make up the cultural sights highlighted by a Manali tour guide. This plethora of offerings has allowed the town to develop its curiously lively array of eateries and cafes, many of which offer unparalleled views as one unwinds by the rushing Beas River.

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