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I have explored Bangalore along with me in early 2019 and at the end I was really happy that I took him as guide. He is knowledgable, ... More more right

Review for Balaji Nelabhotla, Tour guide in Mahabalipuram, India

Jayanthi showed me around Bangalore / Bengaluru for a day and a half. It would have been difficult to understand the temples, museums, and palaces ... More more right

Review for Jayanthi Krishnamurthy, Tour guide in Mahabalipuram, India

Excellente journée avec Kanagalingam, très complète et intéressante. Nous avons appris énormément, et avons toujours eu des réponses a nos ... More more right

Review for Kanagalingam V, Tour guide in Mahabalipuram, India

About Mahabalipuram

It's hard to imagine just how the 7th-century seafarers would have felt as they navigated the Bengal waters into the shores of Mahabalipuram. Seven soaring pagodas dedicated to Shiva and Vishnu would have welcomed them above the jetties, while intricately carved figures of Hindu deities dressed the rock-cut temples along the shore. Just fragments of this former glory still remain on the coastal reaches of the town, though they inspire no less awe and amazement among modern visitors. Today, the medley of mandapa cave shrines and monolith rathas is tagged by UNESCO for its rich heritage and artistic traditions, and Mahabalipuram tour guides lead regular excursions out to visit these 1,300-year-old relics that seem especially magical at sunset. Just a 2-hour drive from the state capital of Chennai, Mamalla makes for a great weekend getaway. Archaeological treasures apart, visitors are treated to fancy resorts dotting the beachfronts, are spoilt for choice between local fare rich in coconut infusions and a range of international cuisine, can indulge in turtle spotting and even have a go at the surf!

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