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About Leh

Hammered flat by ancient feet, the streets and sun-kissed tracks that wind their way in and around the mud-brick houses of enchanting Leh have been trodden by traders from Tibet and Kashmir for centuries, all navigating their way through the hard passes of the Indus Valley with silk and spices in tow.
Today, every facet of this weathered town 3,000 metres up in Ladakh oozes tales of its own past, while a lively population of modern mountain folk add energy and Indian flavour to the heady mix of altitude sickness and unbridled culture. The great Palace of the King of Ladakh stands watch over the bubbling bazaars and verdant corn fields of the town, while the steamy eateries of the central market douse visitors with spicy Tibetan soups and packed samosa pastries. Elsewhere, the Shanti Stupa glimmers on the hillside, and the Thikse Monastery ticks over to the ululations of Buddhist chants and the ringing click and twirl of the town’s iconic prayer wheels.  
For hikers looking to pierce their way further into the highlands, Leh is the perfect base. It’s been used as such for centuries by explorers, particularly as a gateway to nearby Pangong and the Nubra Valley, and any modern Leh tour guide should be able to help travellers discover the wealth of outdoorsy pursuits that abound up on this wild plateau of the Himalaya.

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