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About Ladakh

Wild, off-the-beaten-track Ladakh remains one of the world’s truly less explored wonders; a land of wind-swept ridges, snow-clad mountain vistas and rocky outcrops, roaring river ways and mysterious Buddhist temples, all draped in a sporadic blanket of wild roses, juniper, and bulbous cumulus clouds, and watched over by the gliding silhouettes of Tibetan golden eagles.
While Ladakh is approachable by air and train from the rest of India, bike tours roaring over some of the world’s highest motorable roads are gaining popularity with adrenaline junkies.  There are then the various treks that wind their way into the mountains here, ranging between the rising hills of the mighty Himalaya and the dusty tips of the Kunlun to the north. Some take hikers to the serene blues of the Pangong Tso lake and shimmering valleys like Nubra that are laden to the brim with blooming flowers; others reveal the isolated beauty of spots like Padum and Zanskar, high up and encircled by some of the world’s most formidable mountain passes. Of course, your Ladakh tour guide will highlight a whole load of cultural immersion available in these hills, ranging from the sprawling monasteries and Buddhist art of Hemis, to the majestic, enchanting adobe palaces of Leh.

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