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Review for Balwinder Singh, Tour guide in Kullu, India

He is a very nice person , even I don't have words for him. Anyone can turst him blindly . I suggest him to every person for trekking. More more right

Review for Surender Negi Sanju, Tour guide in Kullu, India

I travelled to Manali witha  group 6 months back. I would ike to inform you that Manali is a wonderful place to travel with special ... More more right

Review for Ajay Thakur, Tour guide in Kullu, India

About Kullu

A popular stop-off on the way deeper into the Indian Himalaya, Kullu makes its home between the rising valley sides of the north, beset by seas of looming coniferous firs, swaying pines and sweeping fields of apple trees. A welcome change from the out-and-out trekker towns that dominate the rest of the so-called Valley of the Gods, Kullu remains indubitably lived-in and lively. It’s also famed for its wealth of religious sites and temples, like the high-perched Bijli Mahadev, sat 2,400 meters up to draw the blessings of lightning down from the heavens.

Panoramic vantage points abound from the trekking trails and ridges around town, and Kullu tour guides are at hand to organise expeditions into the hills, where eye-watering broadsides of the Bekhali Mountain and the famous confluence of the Beas and Sarvari rivers can all be found. Not a wonder that Kullu serves as a base point for exploring the snow-topped peaks of the Great Himalaya National Park, a land of blooming meadows and fluttering butterflies, musk deer and snow leopards. Gushing river ways and angling opportunities at Tirthan, scenic vistas leading up to Kheerganga and the uber-popular Manikaran springs, have also helped make Kullu a top outdoorsy draw.

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