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Our driver Saccarias from Pondicherry is a maestro on the crazy roadways.  He has a lovely, calm temperament.We considered ourselves ... More more right

Review for Keralatoursglobal , Tour guide in Kozhikode, India

Praveen was friendly and helpful. He is an excellent guide, who goes out of his way to show the sights in a safe and enjoyable manner. He has a calm ... More more right

Review for Praveen Shenoy, Tour guide in Kozhikode, India

I'm wordless to say about our tour escort Mr khaleel Naha.He is a kind of man with at most respect and humble in his profession .Even he was like a ... More more right

Review for Khaleel Naha, Tour guide in Kozhikode, India

About Kozhikode

Vasco Da Gama landed in Calicut, now Kozhikode, on the lovely Malabar Coast of Kerala in 1498 catapulting it to global fame; since then this city has not looked back. Even though the era of the spice trade has gone, the city has modernised along with the times and is an economic powerhouse in Kerala.
The historic temples and churches highlighting the rich history of the town, the famous shipbuilding yards and the natural beauty of the Kozhikode beach are must visits in any Kozhikode city guide. Visit Kakkayam to trek through hills and waterfalls, Dolphin's Point to see Dolphins swimming around in the morning sun and the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium to learn about the mysteries of space. Add to your sightseeing list a relaxing boat ride on Canolly Canal, a thrilling demonstration of Kalaripayattu, an ancient martial art form and a gratifying visit to the Sweetmeat market to sample the colourful Kozhikode “halwa”.

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