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Отличное знание русского языка, очень хороший человек и отличный гид. Всем ... More more right

Review for Говинд Нишад, Tour guide in Khajuraho, India

The guide was friendly and much prepared. With his good english I was able to understand the explanation concerning the visited monuments ( one of ... More more right

Review for Mahesh Sharma, Tour guide in Khajuraho, India

Very knowledgeable guide with private VIP tour Je recommande vivement soni !!!À bientôt j espère  More more right

Review for Kamlesh Soni, Tour guide in Khajuraho, India

About Khajuraho

The astounding beauty and uniqueness of the erotic sculptures on the walls of the1000-year-old temples built by the Chandellas have accorded the town of Khajuraho worldwide fame. Your Khajuraho tour guide will however show you how lessons of life are on display here. The sculptures deal openly with all aspects of life; not just erotic art but also stories of war, heroism, wrestling, courtship, music, dancing, meditation, animals and the revered deities of the Hindu world.
The town has multiple temples; of the original 85, 22 have withstood the many cultural invasions to retain their original content and magnificent splendour. Structured into three groups of temples, the western, eastern and southern parts, the complex is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.   A professional light show every evening shows off the grand achievement in the construction of such monoliths, which would be difficult to replicate in the modern era never mind in a time gone by. Visitors here will remember that they have visited one of the seven wonders of India, the beautiful sculptures having etched a lasting impression on their minds.

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